Foreshadowing of Attack on Titan Vol.8

Ep.31 “Smile”

Annie overslept.

Q, One day, Annie overslept and her roommate, Hitch, told her, “I couldn’t wake you up because I was afraid of your sleeping face.”
I wonder if Annie stayed up late the last night.
In vol.8 ep.31 “Smile” (anime 1st ep.23).

A, Because Annie had had an absolutely hard day the day before, becoming the female titan and running a long distance while killing many people, getting caught in Erwin’s trap on her way, escaping from it, fighting Eren and securing him, but in the end Eren was recaptured by Levi after a battle with Levi.
In vol.8 ep.32 “Mercy” (anime 1st ep.23).

Ep.33 “Wall”

Annie’s father’s mistake

Q, Annie remembers what her father said darling she is fighting Eren in Wallsina.
her father said “Annie, I made mistakes. I won’t ask to want you to forgive me and I know to be too late. But promise me, please make sure to come back to me.”

What were her father’s mistakes?
In vol.8 ep.33 “Wall” (anime 1st ep.25).

A, In fact, the clear answer to this question is not revealed in the work. So I would like to share my personal thoughts here.

According to the story told in Volume 31, Episode 125, “Sunset”, Annie was the child of a Marleyan mother’s affair with an Eldian man, and that’s why she was abandoned on the side of the road when she was a baby. was
At that time, a man of Eldian blood picked her up and raised her to become a warrior of Marley very harshly so that he could lead a prosperous life.

Perhaps the mistake her father made was as follows,

  • His training for her was too harsh.
  • After living with her for many years, he hasn’t wanted her to go to the battlefields because he had gradually had her affection.
  • He has known along the way that even if she didn’t go to battle, she only had 13 years to live since she became a titan.

In vol.31 ep.125 “Sunset” (anime Final P.2 ep.7).

Annie’s father / Source: Attack on Titan
Annie’s father / Source: Attack on Titan

There are Titans inside the wall.

Q, The female titan who avoids fighting Eren and tries to escape beyond the wall, hardens her fingertips and climbs the wall while drilling holes in it.
However, in the end, she was cut her finger off by Mikasa and fell.
And then Mikasa casually take a look at a hole in the wall, she could see the face of a colossal titan inside.
Why is there a titan inside the wall?
In vol.8 ep.33 “Wall” (anime 1st ep.25).

A, In order to cause “the Rumbling”, the 145th Karl Fritz, the first King of the Wall, created countless titans within the wall.
However, there is no detailed description of whether or not there was a human being who became the material.
In vol.21 ep.86 “That day” (anime 3rd P.2 ep.8).

Titan inside the wall / Source: Attack on Titan