Foreshadowing of Attack on Titan Vol.7

Ep.27 “Erwin Smith”

Female Titan’s scream ability

Q, Erwin finally manages to trap the female titan, but when she suddenly screams, let summons many pure titans to eat her titan’s body and, takes advantage of situations of confusion person who is inside will escape.
Why did the Titans approach when she shouted?
In vol.7 ep.27 “Erwin Smith” (anime 1st ep.20).

A, The female titan has a “scream ability” that can summon pure titans.
When Wall Maria was destroyed, a large number of Titans invaded the city because the female titan had summoned them in advance.
In vol.24 ep.96 “The Door of Hope” (Not shown in anime.).

scream ability in vol.7 / Source: Attack on Titan
scream ability in vol.24 / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.29 “Crushing Blow”

What surprised Eren in his battle with the Female Titan?

Q, During the battle with the female titan, the Eren titan opened his eyes wide as if he had noticed something, and immediately after that, his head was blown off, leaving only the lower jaw.
What happened? And what was Eren surprised about?
In vol.7 ep.29 “Crushing Blow” (anime 1st ep.21).

A, The female titan’s fighting stance was just like Annie’s, and Eren’s head was kicked away by the female titan’s left high kick.
In vol.8 ep.32 “Mercy” (anime 1st ep.24).

Eren VS the female titan / Source: Attack on Titan
Eren VS the female titan / Source: Attack on Titan
Eren VS the female titan / Source: Attack on Titan
Annie’s fighting stance / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.30 “Losers”

The reason why the female titan cried.

Q, The female titan was about to run away with Eren in his mouth, but thanks to Levi’s superhuman movements, he succeeded in getting Eren back.
Behind Levi, who was retreating, was a female titan shedding tears.
I wonder why she was crying.
In vol.7 ep.30 “Losers” (anime 1st ep.22).

A, In fact, the clear answer to this question is not revealed in the work. So I would like to share my personal thoughts here.

First, let me give you some possible reasons.
(1) She regrets killing many Survey Corps members until just now.
(2) Even though she killed many people, she let Eren escape once she caught him.
(3) She got caught in Erwin’s trap, and when Levi got on her head, he said, “You killed a lot of my men, but was that fun?” It was so frustrating that she couldn’t help but burst into tears.
(4) Even with the martial arts she learned from her father, she was no match for Levi.
(5) Her various emotions rushed into her heart at once, and she couldn’t help but burst into tears.

I think number 5. If she had to put her feelings in her own words, she’d say “I’m absolutely exhausted”
I don’t think number 1 because don’t think she’s so soft.
What do you think, guys?

crying female titan / Source: Attack on Titan