Foreshadowing of Attack on Titan Vol.5

Special edition “Ilse’s Notebook”

What is the talking Titan that Ilse encountered?

Q, Ilse, who lost her companions and her horse during an investigation outside the wall, heads north while keeping a diary in her notebook.
On the way, she bumped into a 6m-class Titan, and when she was ready for her own death but suddenly the Titan bowed and spoke.
“Subjects of Ymir. Lady Ymir…”
Even though Ilse is confused but she asks him a question.
“Why do you guys eat humans?! You don’t need that!”
After the Titan seems to be in pain, he ends up eating Ilse…

and a year later.
Her notebook was discovered by Levi and Hange who passed by the place.
In vol.5 Special edition “Ilse’s Notebook” (anime OVA).

A, The true identity of the Titan is a follower of a religious group that worships the 104th class Ymir as a descendant of the founder Ymir. Because her face resembled the 104th Ymir, she was mistaken for her.

The Titan is actually a follower of a religious group that worships the 104th student Yumir as a reincarnation of the founder Yumir or something, and he was sent to Paradis Island by the authorities to wander around outside that wall, but since the freckled face of Ilse looked like the 104th Ymir, he mistook Ilse for Ymir.
In vol.22 ep.89 “Meeting” (anime 2nd ep.10).

Ilse’s Notebook / Source: Attack on Titan
The Titan is on the left who ate Ilse. Ymir is on the right. / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.20 “Special Operations Squad”

What do you see? what do you think the enemy is?

Q, The captured Titans “Sonny” and “Bean” were killed by someone.
Erwin asked Eren at the situation of confusion.
“What do you see? What do you think the enemy is?”
However, Eren didn’t understand the meaning of the question and saw off Erwin’s back.
In vol.5 ep.20 “Special Operations Squad” (anime 1st ep.15).

A, Erwin believes that there are spies among the 104th class, and was sifting through this question in order to select members who would convey the true purpose of the investigation outside the wall.
In vol.7 ep.27 “Erwin Smith” (anime 1st ep.20).

Erwin / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.21 “Opening the Gate”

104th trainees who are checked ODM gear.

Q, It turns out that the culprit who killed Sonny and Bean used the ODM gear to escape, and the 104th trainees are suspected of committing the crime.
Connie, Armin, and Annie are talking about which corps they should join while they are examined one by one.
Then, Annie said. “I just want to go to the military police because I want to save myself.”
At that time, Armin looked a little surprised, or as if he noticed something…
In vol.5 ep.21 “Opening the Gate” (anime 1st ep.16).

A, In fact, Armin wasn’t surprised by Annie’s statement, but from the scratches and other features on her ODM gear, he noticed that it belonged to Marco.
In vol.5 ep.21 “Opening the Gate” (anime 1st ep.23).

Marco’s ODM gear / Source: Attack on Titan

Erwin revealed to trainees the secret of the key to the basement.

Q, Erwin said this when he invited the trainees to join the Survey Corps.
“The basement of the house in Shiganshina district where Eren lived is said to contain a mystery of Titans that even he doesn’t know. If we can get there, we will be able to find clues that will help us escape from the Titans’ dominion over the past 100 years”.

And Armin was a little surprised by that statement.
“Even if you want us to join the Survey Corps, how can you disclose such information?”

What is Erwin’s real intention?
In vol.5 ep.21 “Opening the Gate” (anime 1st ep.16).

A, It was the bait set by Erwin to catch his enemies.
In order to capture the Founding Titan, Reiner, and Bertolt jumped at the information to get even a little information about the Intelligent Titan, and they decided to join the Survey Corps.
On the other hand, Annie decides to join the military police in order to obtain information on the founding titan from a place close to the monarchy.
In vol.7 ep.27 “Erwin Smith” (anime 1st ep.20).

Bertolt is watching Annie leave.

Q, After Erwin’s solicitation speech is over, why is Bertolt staring at Annie’s back as she leaves?
In vol.5 ep.21 “Opening the Gate” (anime 1st ep.16).

A, Bertolt is in love with Annie.
In vol.12 ep.47 “Children” (anime 2dn ep.10).

Bertolt / Source: Attack on Titan
Annie leave / Source: Attack on Titan

Why did the female titan appear from the right wing?

Q, The Survey Corps has launched the 57th investigation outside the wall from the Karanes district.
They use the “Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation” devised by Commander Erwin and proceed while avoiding battles with the Titans.
At that time, a Titan who seems to be an eccentric species suddenly approaches them at a tremendous speed from the right-wing side, and since he brought the Titans with him, the members of the right-wing side are almost wiped out.
Armin sees through the rational behavior “female titan” that she is an intelligent titan like Eren.

Why did the female titan suddenly appear from the right wing?
In vol.5 ep.22 “Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation” (anime 1st ep.16).

A, The identity of the female titan is Annie, and Annie had heard from Reiner in advance that Eren was on the right wing.
That means Reiner and Annie were spies.
In vol.10 ep.42 “Warrior” (anime 2nd ep.6).