Foreshadowing of Attack on Titan Vol.4

Ep.15 “One by One”

Six people passed “the rite of passage”.

Q, Why could the following people pass Instructor Keith Shadis’s rite of passage? Annie, Mikasa, Reiner, Bertolt, Eren, Freckle woman(Ymir of the 104th Training Corps).
In vol.4 ep.15 “One by One” (anime 1st ep.3).

A, Mikasa is from the Ackerman clan, the other five all possess the power of Titans and have all gone through tough situations.

Who are the spies pricking up their ears?

Q, At dinner after joining the training corps, who are pricking up their ears when Eren is talking about Titans?
In vol.4 ep.15 “One by One” (anime 1st ep.3).

A, they’re Bertolt and Reiner who attacked Shiganshina District. Perhaps they are worried about what other people think of their Titans.

The spies / Source: Attack on Titan

Eren can’t handle ODM gear well.

Q, Eren is not doing well on the “omni-directional mobility gear”(ODM gear) suitability test. Could he be so bad at athletics?
In vol.4 ep.15 “One by One” (anime 1st ep.3).

A, It’s because the device was malfunctioning.
Instructor Shadis noticed a malfunction in Eren’s equipment during his aptitude test and replaced it with a new one, allowing Eren to pass the test. However, it was actually Shadis himself who destroyed the device.
There are many possible explanations for why Shadis did this.
First of all, Shadis is acquainted with Eren’s parents Grisha and Carla, and there is a depiction that he was secretly in love with Carla in particular.

Interpretation A: Because Shadis didn’t want Eren, the child of an acquaintance, to become a soldier who might die.
Interpretation B: On the surface, he might have thought it was interpretation A, but in fact, Eren, who is the child of the “special man Grisha” who stole Carla, and Shadis might have not wanted to see him become a ” special man.”
In other words, it is his jealousy or envy. He once verbally hurt Carla because he was jealous of Grisha, I guess that’s why he remembered that and exchanged Eren’s ODM gear.

I guess that would be interpretation B, what do you guys think?
In vol.18 ep.71 “Bystander” (anime 3rd p.1 ep.11).

ODM gear suitability test / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.16 “Necessity”

Bertolt originally wanted to join the military police.

Q, Bertolt Originally wanted to join the Military Police, but why did he decide to join the Survey Corps?
In vol.4 ep.16 “Necessity” (anime 2nd ep.7).

A, Maybe he was worried about Reiner, who gradually forgot his original mission, Bertolt couldn’t leave him alone.

Reiner’s strong thoughts for his hometown.

Q, Reiner said, “I’m going to return to the hometown we lost. that’s all I care about now.” What does that mean?
In vol.4 ep.16 “Necessity” (anime 2nd ep.7).

A, Reiner believes that they must succeed in their mission, and if they return to their hometown without achieving anything, he thinks they will be stripped of their Titans and die.
In vol.24 ep.96 “The Door of Hope” (anime final P.1 ep.3).

kid Reiner / Source: Attack on Titan

What is the relationship between Shadis and Grisha?

Q, Shadis, who is watching Ellen pass the ODM gear aptitude test, says.
“Grisha, today your son became a soldier.”
How did Shadis know Grisha? and, how did he know Eren was Grisha’s son?
In vol.4 ep.16 “Necessity” (anime 2nd ep.7).

A, More than ten years ago, Grisha was found outside the wall by Shadis, and Shadis taught Grisha, who said he had no memory of anything, about the circumstances inside the wall, and introduced him to a job as a doctor.
Shadis was secretly in love with Carla, a waitress at a pub, but she was stolen by Grisha, who treated Carla for her infectious disease.
Grisha and Carla soon married and had Eren.
Shadis then meets Carla and her childhood Eren and hurts her with his words, due to the jealousy he had towards them.
In vol.18 ep.71 “Bystander” (anime 3rd p.1 ep.11).

Ep.17 “Delusions of Strength”

Reiner often sticks to being a “soldier” themselves.

Q, Why is Reiner talking about “soldiers” over and over again with Eren and Annie?
In vol.4 ep.17 “Delusions of Strength” (anime 2nd ep.7).

A, Reiner is actually a “warrior” and not a “soldier” but he might have always been trying to assume that he was a soldier to hide his true identity.
In vol.10 ep.42 “Warrior” (anime 2nd ep.6).

By the way, what is the difference between “soldier” and “warrior”?
“Soldier” is a term that makes you strongly aware that you are a member of an organization, and that the chain of command should be strict.
On the other hand, “warrior” is a term that makes one more aware of individual battles, and if there is more than one of those warriors, they are those who share the same ideology but operate on their own judgment rather than acting strategically.

Annie’s martial arts

Q, Annie’s martial arts that her father taught her overwhelm even male Eren and Reiner. Why did Annie’s father teach her martial arts? And what is his ideal?
In vol.4 ep.17 “Delusions of Strength” (anime 2nd ep.7).

A, Annie’s father wanted his daughter to be a Marleyan warrior and himself an honorary Marleyan. However, when Annie became the warrior, he realized that sending his daughter into battle was a mistake.
It is not clear what “his ideals” were.
Maybe, like Reiner’s mother, he wanted to destroy the Devils of Paradis Island and win the human rights of the Eldians.
I guess that’s why Annie said, “My father, like you, was always intoxicated with unrealistic ideals.”
By the way, aren’t the martial arts Annie’s father taught her Muay Thai and combat Sambo, which Isoyama, who is familiar with martial arts, is thought to have modeled?
In vol.31 ep.125 “Sunset” (anime Final P.2 ep.7).

Annie’s martial arts / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.18 “What Should I Do Now?”

Who is “the suicidal bastard”

Q, Jean says, “No matter what happens, I don’t want to be put in the team of “rush-to-death bastards” or “Don’t make me the same as a bastard who wants to die early and looks like Eren.”He also refers to the guy as “the suicidal bastard”, but actually that guy is Eren, who is always reckless.
And this nickname is known only to the 104th generation.
In vol.4 ep.18 “What Should I Do Now” (anime 1st ep.5, ep.16).

A, When Armin was about to be attacked by a female titan, he was able to stop the titan by shouting this nickname.
This suggests that the identity of this titan is in the 104th class.
In vol.5 ep.21 “Opening the Gate” (anime 1st ep.16) and, vol.6 ep.23 “The Female Titan” (anime 1st ep.17).

Marco, who died unnoticed.

Q, After the operation to recapture Trost District, Marco was found dead unnoticed, with half his face missing.
As a leader, he was adored by everyone, but no one saw him in his final moments. how did he die?
And when Annie saw Marco’s body, she said, “I’m sorry.” Why would she apologize?
In vol.4 ep.18 “What Should I Do Now” (anime 1st ep.5, ep.16).

A, Marco happened to overhear Reiner and Bertolt talking about their titans, and at Reiner’s instructions, Annie removed Marco’s ODM gear and left Marco alone as a result Marco was eaten half of his body and died.
In vol.19 ep.77 “The World They Saw” and, vol.24 ep.96 “The Door of Hope” (anime 3rd P.2 ep.3 and, Final P.1 ep.3.

Marco / Source: Attack on Titan

Levi said to Eren “Well, not bad.”

Q, After blocking the door of Trost Ward with a large rock and succeeding in the operation, Eren was imprisoned in a dungeon after losing consciousness.
After a while, Erwin, the commander of the Survey Corps, and Captain Levi came to visit and asked about Eren’s intentions in the future, and Eren answered that.
“I want to join the Survey Corps and kill the Titans anyway.”
Levi, who was listening, said.
“Well, not bad.”
What do you mean by “not bad”?
In vol.4 ep.18 “What Should I Do Now” (anime 1st ep.5, ep.16).

A, Levi looked at Eren’s insane expression and felt that he has a strong will and he is a “monster” regardless of his titanic powers.
This was also the case when Eren tried to transform into a titan while Levi’s team was being attacked by a female titan, and four years later, Eren became a “real monster” as Levi mentioned.
In vol.7 ep.27 “Erwin Smith” (anime 1st ep.20).
In vol.31 ep.123 “Island Devils” (anime Final P.2 ep.5).

Eren the monster / Source: Attack on Titan
Eren the monster / Source: Attack on Titan
Shubi no Kyojin / Source: Attack on Titan