Foreshadowing of Attack on Titan Vol.11

Ep.43 “The Armored Titan”

Is Reiner really the worst piece of shit?

Q, Reiner, and Bertolt finally reveal their true identities.
This is what Eren thought as he fought Reiner by the wall of Wall Rose.
“Reiner, I don’t know what kind of face you’re making right now, but you guys really are the worst pieces of shit. Probably no one in the history of mankind has done such a terrible thing.”
In vol.11 ep.43 “The Armored Titan” (anime 2nd ep.7).

A, Eren is the one who did the worst thing in the world.
There seem to be tens of millions to hundreds of millions of people on the continent on the Marley side, and about 80% of them died after being overrun by the colossal titans at Eren’s will.

Eren said this when he met Reiner for the first time in Marley.
“I’m just like you”
Eren seemed to think so at the time, but he later slaughtered the human race, so he is a person who has done far worse than Reiner.
In vol.33 ep.131 “The Rumbling” (anime The Final Chapters P.1).

Reiner and other’s first attack / Source: Attack on Titan
Reiner and Eren / Source: Attack on Titan
The Rumbling / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.44 “Strike, Throw, Submit”

What does the subtitle “打・投・極(da-tou-kyoku)” mean?

Q, The 44th episode subtitle “打・投・極(da-tou-kyoku)=” is translated as “Strike, Throw, Submit”, etc., but what does this subtitle mean?
In vol.11 ep.44 “Strike, Throw, Submit” (anime 2nd ep.7).

A, The 44th episode subtitle “打・投・極(da-tou-kyoku)=” is translated as “Strike, Throw, Submit”, etc., but this word was created in Japan in the ’90s when mixed martial arts such as “Shooto”, “Shoot Boxing” and “PRIDE” were popular.
Hajime Isayama is known for his love of martial arts, and techniques such as the armbar that Eren puts on Reiner from below and the guillotine choke that hooks his leg are techniques that can be seen in later “UFC”.

armbar / Source: Attack on Titan
guillotine choke / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.46 “Opening”

Is it Bertolt’s fault that Eren’s mother was eaten by the Smiling Titan?

Q, Eren, and Ymir are captured by Reiner.
Reiner seems to have a split personality, and his speech is inconsistent.
Meanwhile, Bertholdt remained silent and said nothing. Ellen asked him
“Hey, Bertolt, it’s you, his henchman. Didn’t I tell you about the time when my mother was eaten by a Titan in front of you guys? Didn’t I tell you that my house was hit by a fragment of the door you kicked open, so my mother couldn’t escape? Do you know what I said? What did you think?
“At that time…, I felt sorry for you,” Bertolt replies.

It’s true that Bertolt destroyed the door, so the giants entered the wall.
However, was it a coincidence that Eren’s mother was eaten by the “Smiling Titan” afterward?
In vol.11 ep.46 “Opening” (anime 2nd ep.9).

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