Foreshadowing of Attack on Titan Vol.10

Ep.39 “Soldier”

The past of Reiner, whose friend was eaten by Titans.

Q, When Reiner was attacked by a small titan at Utgart Castle, he remembered that a friend had been eaten by a titan before.
In vol.10 ep.39 “Soldier” (anime 2nd ep.4).

A, Riner, and his comrade invade Paradis Island to recapture the Founding Titan. While eating outside, Riner is attacked by a Titan Ymir buried in the ground nearby, and instead of protecting him, his comrade Marcel was eaten by the Titan, which reminds him of that.
In vol.24 ep.95 “Liar” (anime Final P.1 ep.3).

Marcel was eaten / Source: Attack on Titan

Why do Reiner and Bertolt want to return to their hometowns?

Q, When Reiner was attacked by a small titan in Utgart Castle, Bertolt saved him by stabbing it with a farming fork.
While they are fighting it and said,
“We will survive and return, absolutely, to our hometown!”
Why are they so eager to go to their hometown in such a tense situation?
In vol.10 ep.39 “Soldier” (anime 2nd ep.4).

A, Their hometown is the Liberio Internment Zone in Marley. They believe that Reiner in particular can become a hero if he completes his mission and returns to his hometown in triumph. And they have no choice but to follow the orders of the Marleyan army.
In vol.24 ep.95 “Liar” (anime Final P.1 ep.3).

Reiner and Bertolt / Source: Attack on Titan

Reiner covering Connie.

Q, The Riners repelled the small Titan that invaded Utgart Castle.
After a brief moment of relief, another smaller Titan attacks Connie from behind, but Reiner quickly covers him and gets himself bitten on the arm by the Titan.
Why did Reiner sacrifice himself to save Connie?
In vol.10 ep.39 “Soldier” (anime 2nd ep.4).

A, Reiner vowed to take the place of the dead Marcel who is him and even after becoming a 104th trainee as a spy, he demonstrated leadership like Marcel and won the trainee’s trust.
As Reiner gradually began to think of himself as a soldier protecting the Wall without a warrior, that’s why it was only natural for him to help his “comrade” Connie.
In vol.24 ep.95 “Liar” (anime Final P.1 ep.3).

Reiner covering Connie / Source: Attack on Titan

Connie wants to give back to Reiner.

Q, Connie is attacked by a small titan from behind at the Utgart Castle, but Reiner saves him.
Connie said.
“You always help me. Someday I have to return this favor to you…”
In vol.10 ep.39 “Soldier” (anime 2nd ep.4).

A, Armin tries to use tricks to steal the flying boats in the port of Paradis Island from the Jaegers but ends up in a battle with them.
After reluctantly shooting and killing his former comrades Daz and Samuel, who are trying to blow up the flying boat, Connie cries out in pain.
Meanwhile, Reiner and Annie turned into Titans and fought against the Jaegers, but gradually took damage from the attack power of their thunder spears.
It was Connie who saved Reiner and Annie from dying. This is the first time he has completed the “rite of passage”, hiding within himself the grief of killing his comrade.
Hajime Isayama has made this work with the setting up that characters who have completed the “rite of passage” will rise one step mentally and physically.
Up until now, Connie has killed people without thinking much because his comrades killed people, it was the same when he killed the Central Military Police in the basement of Rod Reiss’ mansion, but this time, by his own strong will, he killed his “comrades” and cleared the “rite of passage”, that’s why he became “a man of the next level” and, he was able to saved Reiner and Annie.
In vol.32 ep.129 “Retrospective” (anime Final P.2 ep.11).

Connie / Source: Attack on Titan
Connie / Source: Attack on Titan

What is a warrior?

Q, Connie, who was saved his life by Reiner, asked Bertolt, Reiner’s friend from the same town.
“Hey, Bertolt, has Reiner always been like this?”
“No, the old Reiner was a warrior.”

What does Bertolt mean by “warrior”? What’s the difference between “soldier”?
In vol.10 ep.39 “Soldier” (anime 2nd ep.4).

A, In Marley, those who inherit the intelligence Titans are called “warriors”.
Reiner and Bertolt are warriors.
However, at this time, Reiner has a personality disorder, forgetting his original role as a warrior and believing himself to be a “soldier” himself who protects the peace within the walls.
In vol.21 ep.86 “That day” (anime 3rd P.2 ep.8).

Ep.40 “Ymir”

What is Ymir’s second life that she got by chance?

Q, While training in the snowy mountains, Ymir told Krista that she eavesdropped on someone at the church a long time ago.
“Isn’t it you? The child of the concubine of a high-ranking man who was kicked out of the house. Because you were an unfaithful child, you were almost killed, but that guy said, ‘If you lie about your name and live modestly, I’ll let you go.’ Then you were kicked out to the training corps, right?” Ymir said that she and Krista had similar but not identical backgrounds, saying,
“I happened to get a second life. I was born again but I’ve never faked my real name. If I deny that I was born as Ymir, I lose! I will live a cool life with this name. That’s the revenge of my life! I’ll prove that there’s no such thing as a destiny you were born with!”

What is “the second life that Ymir got by chance”?
Why is it “If she denies that she was born as Ymir she lost”?
What is “Ymir’s Revenge”?
“In vol.10 ep.40 “Ymir” (anime 2nd ep.5).

A, First, The second life that Ymir got by chance is that after wandering as a pure Titan for 60 years, she happened to eat Marcel and returned to human.

Secondly, Why is it “If she denies that she was born as Ymir she lost”? This is hard to interpret but in my opinion, Ymir was picked up as a nameless orphan by a suspicious religious group and given the same name as “Founder Ymir”.
She lives up to the cult’s story of her royal lineage, and her heart is filled with the approval of her followers.
After that, she was caught by the Marley authorities, and when she was caught, she lied to protect her comrades, saying, “I am Ymir. I am of royal blood.” She ended up being sent to “Paradise” and turned into a Titan.
Even though Ymir was given her own name, she lived for the joy of it, sacrificing herself for her companions.
If her name is not Ymir, then she is denying her former self and her actions, and she probably feels she has to admit be tantamount to a loser herself. That’s why she doesn’t want to change her name to anything other than Yumir.

Thirdly, What is “Ymir’s Revenge”? This is what Ymir has already said, “I will live a cool life with this name. That’s the revenge of my life! I’ll prove that there’s no such thing as a destiny you were born with!”
So that’s probably what she’s thinking.
“It’s true that I happened to be picked up by some suspicious guys, and I covered them from the Marley authorities, I was turned into a titan.
However, I don’t want to just dismiss my life as “bad luck,” it’s not cool to take revenge on the cultists and the Marley authorities who did this to me. It is especially coolest to continue to call myself this “Yumir” which is the most abominable name for the Marleyans, and that is exactly my revenge! “
Furthermore, Ymir renews her resolve to live for herself.
“In vol.22 ep.89 “Meeting” (anime 2nd ep.10).

Ymir / Source: Attack on Titan
Ymir / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.41 “Historia”

Why did Ymir hide her titan power?

Q, Ymir jumps down from the top of Utgart Castle’s tower and transforms into a Titan, defeating the surrounding Titans one after another.
Bertolt said.
“She could have revealed herself and contributed to our corps…like Eren. But…she didn’t…because she couldn’t…?”
Why did Ymir hide the fact that she was a Titan?
In vol.10 ep.41 “Historia” (anime 2nd ep.4).

A, If she reveals to everyone that she has the power of a titan like Eren, the corps may try to control her only for the purpose of “Ymir’s titan ability” instead of “Ymir as a human”. Maybe she didn’t like it.

In the first place, Ymir’s personality is very difficult to understand, and she sometimes behaves inconsistently, but she doesn’t seem to notice it herself sometimes.

When Ymir was caught by the Marley authorities, she was sent to “Paradise” to protect the people of the cult, and she was turned into a titan. But Ymir doesn’t regret covering them up or hold a grudge against them, at least on the surface.
In a letter to Historia, she wrote:
“It seems that this world is just a mass of meat making noise and moving around, and there’s no particular meaning. Yes, it doesn’t mean anything. That’s why I think the world is wonderful.”
Moreover, this dialogue scene is from when she is given a Titan injection to when she eats Marcel and wakes up, so I don’t think she has a strong sense of regret or resentment.
But on the other hand, she also says this when jumping from Utgart Castle.
“I died for the sake of many people. But… At that time, I wished from the bottom of my heart that if I could be reborn, this time I would live only for myself, I hoped strongly.”
This would be my determination not to defend them if she had the same opportunity next time.

Basically, Ymir usually seems to have a foul mouth and seems to have a personality that is far from self-sacrifice.
But when it comes down to it, she jumps off the tower to protect not only Historia and everyone but also Bertolt, who whines, “Someone please… find us…”, she sympathizes with him. Then she determined to return her titan to Reiner and Bertolt.
She said,
“It doesn’t feel so bad to be a goddess.”
In vol.12 ep.50 “Scream” (anime 2nd ep.12).

Ymir / Source: Attack on Titan
Ymir / Source: Attack on Titan
Ymir and Bertolt / Source: Attack on Titan
Ymir / Source: Attack on Titan

Bertolt is about to bite his own hand.

Q, When Ymir, who turned into a titan in Utgart Castle, is fighting the Titans, the tower finally collapses.
Ymir saves everyone in the nick of time, but just before that, Bertolt is about to bite his own hand.
In vol.10 ep.41 “Historia” (anime 2nd ep.4).

A, That suggests that Bertolt is actually a titan.
In vol.10 ep.42 “Warrior” (anime 2nd ep.6).

Bertolt’s right hand / Source: Attack on Titan

Ep.42 “Warrior”

There were no holes in Wall Rose.

Q, A large number of Titans suddenly appeared in the southwest of Wall Rose, and most of them were annihilated by the Survey Corps, although many were killed.
However, according to Hannes’ report, there was at least no hole in the wall between the Trost and Krolva District of Wall Rose.
So how did the Titans arise inside Wall Rose?
In vol.10 ep.42 “Warrior” (anime 2nd ep.6).

A, Zeke, and other Marley soldiers secretly infiltrated Wall Rose and sprayed the liquid containing Zeke’s spinal fluid as gas from the windward direction toward Ragako Village, turning the village residents into Titans.
In vol.27 ep.110 “Counterfeit” (anime Final P.1 ep.13).

Gas was sprayed on the village of Ragako. / Source: Attack on Titan
Gas was sprayed on the village of Ragako. / Source: Attack on Titan

Why did Reiner try to take Eren away at this time?

Q, There was no hole in the walls of Wall Rose after all. Hannes’ report was heard by Hange and the Survey Corps on the top of the walls of Wall Rose.
The mystery has deepened, but the Survey Corps are breathing a sigh of relief.

Reiner, who stopped Eren there, said.
“Five years ago, we destroyed the wall and started attacking humanity. I’m the Armored Titan, and Bertolt is the Colossal Titan.”
Bertolt panics when his true identity is revealed.

“Our goal was to make all of this human disappear, but it didn’t have to.”
“Eren, if you come with us, we don’t have to tear down walls anymore, you know?”
“No, wait, I have no idea at all!”
“That’s why I asked you to come with us. Sorry for the sudden talk.”
“From now on!? Where are you going??”
“I can’t say that… But… Well, it’s our hometown. So?
“Hmm, I wonder…” Eren’s head feels like it’s about to explode.

Here comes the flashback.
According to the investigative report obtained by the Survey Corps, two people were found with records of Annie and his hometown. They are names are Reiner and Bertolt.
The two were informed that Eren was on their right during the expedition. And the female titan also appeared from the right side.
Suspicions about the two deepened.

back to the real scene
“You’re tired. Hey, Bertolt, right?
“Ah, Reiner must be tired.
“Generally speaking, if you’re the armored titan who killed so many people, why do you have to consult me like that? There’s no way I’d say ‘yes, I’ll go’ when you said that, right?” ”
Reiner who heard that was surprised for some reason.
“Yeah…you’re right. What the hell am I thinking? Have I really gone crazy?…yeah…I must have been here too long. Surrounded by idiots. We were kids and didn’t know a thing. If I hadn’t known these guys existed, I wouldn’t have been such an asshole. I don’t know what is the right thing to do. However, what I should do is to fulfill my responsibility as a warrior to the end for my actions and the results of my choices.”
“Reiner! Do it!? Now!?, here!?” shouts Bertolt.
“Oh! The game will be decided here and now!”

Reiner makes up his mind and approaches Eren.
Surprisingly, Mikasa immediately cuts them. However, they are unable to completely kill them, and Reiner transforms into an armored titan, and Bertolt transforms into a colossal titan.

By the way, why did Reiner try to take Eren away how this sudden timing?
In vol.10 ep.42 “Warrior” (anime 2nd ep.6).

A, There are nine intelligent Titans in total. There are 7 on the Marley side, the Founding Titan is on Paradis Island, and the remaining 1 Attack Titan may also be on Paradis Island. (Ymir’s giant is considered Marley’s side)

In other words, Eren’s titan is either the “founding titan” or the “attack titan”, and for Marley’s position, if even one of them can be taken from the enemy side, it will be very advantageous in the future capture of Paradis Island.

Then now, Ymir, who stole the titan from Marcel on the wall of Wall Rose, is in a state of injury and unable to move, and Eren is with him, making it a perfect opportunity to steal two titans.

That’s why Reiner’s revealing his true identity at this time and pressing for Eren’s robbery wasn’t that bad of a choice.
However, as Bertolt was flustered, there was no prior arrangement with him, and it was probably the result of Reiner acting suddenly on the spur of the moment.

Bertolt is actually smart, so even though he was impatient, he would surely have been able to calculate for sure, “It’s killing two birds with one stone by taking Ymir too.” That’s why, after turning into a titan, he was the first to throw Ymir into his mouth and secure it.

Reiner try to take Eren away / Source: Attack on Titan
Reiner try to take Eren away / Source: Attack on Titan
Reiner is cut by Mikasa / Source: Attack on Titan